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Silver Orca

Front - Silver Orca Coin Back - Silver Orca Coin


At home and abroad, the Orca is one of Canada's most treasured and iconic animals, intimately tied to tradition, culture, heritage, and mythology.

Admired for their beauty and respected as talented hunters, they are the largest member of the dolphin family, and can swim up to 55 km/h, which makes it the world's fastest sea mammal.

Orcas are among the cleverest mammals on earth: they demonstrate the ability to learn new things during their lifetimes and teach these things to the next generation. They are loved for their sociability and playfulness, particularly their spectacular leaps.

  • Masterfully crafted using advance engraving techniques and special finishes.
  • Pushing the elements of design, incuse elements of the orca underwater create an added visual appeal.
  • A unique feature for cutting-edge security, a micro-engraved lasered maple leaf in the coin's field. In the centre of this mark, visible under magnification, is the numeral "19", denoting the coin's year of issue.
  • Radial lines on the coin's reverse and obverse create a unique light refracting pattern and pose as a layer of added security.
  • Guaranteed and backed by the Government of Canada.


The coins mentioned above are often referred to as Semi-Premium coins as their value varies based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: age, the condition of the coin, mintage amount, demand and popularity. For up to date market pricing and availability, please contact Lear Capital directly and ask about our "value pricing" for orders of $20,000 or greater.

Silver Orca
Trevor Tennant
99.99% Fine Silver
38 mm
2 oz

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