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Why invest in rare or premium coins? The answer is actually multi-faceted. Successful premium coin investors will initially state the obvious ... because no one is making them anymore. They will also tell you that history plays a role as does the coin's condition, its scarcity, its metal content and its place in time.

Premium coins do not have a set or absolute value. Their market value is dictated by their physical attributes, but the coin's story also comes into play and that can be very exciting.

Our silver premium coins feature a range of US coins from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. We have some of the most widely traded and collected American silver coins that are among the most recognizable, the most sought after, the most collectible, and the most beautifully struck.

The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1921 by the hundreds of millions. George T. Morgan produced the coin design which depicts a stylish profile portrait of Lady Liberty. It is a big coin with classic lines. Struck at five different mints, the abundance and varieties of "Morgans" tells an interesting story about the history of silver in the American West. Morgans are commonly traded by the roll and coins of all grades are readily available.

The Peace Dollar was issued from 1921 to 1935 after the Morgan Silver Dollar. Its design, by Anthony de Francisci, was a competition winner and commemorated the peace following World War I. The coin features an elegant image of liberty on the obverse and a perched eagle clutching an olive branch on the reverse. Very few proofs were made of the Peace Dollar making them quite valuable compared to proofs of other silver dollars.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was issued from 1916 to 1947 and is 90% silver. A favorite among collectors, the coin is highly stylized and refined and was widely circulated through a volatile period in American history which saw two world wars and complete economic collapse. Designed by Adolf Weinman, the coin features Lady Liberty holding olive branches with the US flag draped over her shoulder. Many investors consider this Liberty motif to be the most beautiful ever struck.

Historical coins like these have proven to be a sound investment for many seeking to diversify their portfolios into precious metals.

Premium coin investing has evolved from a practice of merely collecting rare, old money to a serious investment tactic that can outpace other investment channels particularly in times of economic recession or crisis.

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