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Palladium Price - Overview

Palladium is an extremely rare and expensive precious metal and is part of the platinum group of metals. It is known for its catalytic properties and is commonly used as a catalyst. It tarnishes less than silver because of its white-like shiny quality. Many countries use palladium as a form of currency but because they do not have as much liquidity as other precious metals, not many coins are circulated. Palladium prices are correlated to their demand. An increase in demand automatically leads to an increase in palladium prices and a decrease in demand in a decrease in palladium prices. About 63% of the palladium mined globally is used by the automotive industry. It is also used for jewelry, to make dental alloys, in photography, hydrogen cell technology, and in electronic items.

The supply of palladium also affects the price of palladium. A major portion of this precious metal is mined in Russia and South Africa. Recent market studies have revealed that South Africa's poor mining conditions have presented a major challenge in the production of palladium and Russia the world's leading producer of palladium is also currently running low on its palladium reserves. The rising demand will be met with severe supply constraints which will result in the prices spiraling. Experts state that the price of palladium is often affected by the rise and fall of the price of other precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Because its rarity, availability for commercial purposes, and other internal and external factors, palladium prices can be volatile. Since palladium is traded on several worldwide markets, the price is determined per troy ounce. This price is also known as the spot price. The most common way of investing in palladium is by buying bullion coins and bars.

Lear Capital can help you learn more about palladium prices and how to acquire palladium to diversify your investment portfolio.

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