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Six Impossible Things

Crazy things you must believe to believe in this market...

Silver Markets Cornered? What's next?

Still need convincing that silver prices are unnaturally, unsustainably low?

Will China Stop Buying US Debt?

In other words, will our ability to export our inflation come to a halt?

Why is Silver Up 10% in the Last Month?

Could this be the year silver pricing becomes transparent - and takes off?

The Mother of All Financial Bubbles

Will be unimaginably destructive when it bursts...

Who Owns Puerto Rico's Massive Debt? You Do!

More than 75% is owned by mom-and-pop investors...


Welcome to reality, Madam Chair.

Is There Anything that Can't be Hacked Today? Well - YES

No one can make your precious metals disappear with a few keystrokes...

Gold-backed petro-yuan could be a game changer for the dollar

The world's oil markets run on dollars... for now.

Gold is Headed to $1500 by Year End

A confluence of factors has been pushing the price of gold higher over the past few weeks...